Macro Gamer - #1 Auto Clicker / Key Presser

Macro Gamer is the world’s most favorite auto clicker software. It is such a wonderful and easy to use tool which can automate your key strokes and mouse clicks. You can easily create a macro by including the scripts to automate the mouse clicks, mouse moves and keystrokes, etc. On this page, we are going to help you download it, install it and create macros effortlessly.

MacroGamer can be your next gamer friend which helps you in your gameplay. It is a free tool which is very light weight but available for windows operating system only. Let’s discuss more about it going forward in this article.


About MacroGamer

It is a simple software developed by itoady to help the gamers primarily. Of course, there are a lot of other professionals started using it because it has wonderful automation tools.

Users can create macros with the scripts that automates the mouse clicks on a windows pc. You can also create macros very easily by inserting the key events, mouse events and pixel events as well.

It allows you add delays in between the clicks and key strokes in the macro that you have created. On the other hand, it is very easy to add / delete the scripts from the macro to make it convenient to your objectives.

macro gamer


It has a bunch of awesome features for all the gamers, data analysts, etc. Go through the below information to understand it’s capabilities and to make use of them in a best way.

1. Create / Import / Save Macros

It is very easy to create the macros even with a very basic knowledge. If not, you can also import the macros and scripts to the macro gamer by using the import feature. Once the macro is created, you can save it to your pc to use it later.

2. Record / Edit Events

Let’s say for example, you don’t know the process of creating macros manually. You can make use of the “Start Recording” option to record the on-screen activities of mouse moves, clicks and key presses, etc. If you want a better macro creator for mouse clicks, op auto clicker is the one and only choice left to you. The best part is you can edit those recorded macros, add delays and events as well.

3. Insert Key Event / Mouse Event / Pixel Event / Delays

If your objective is to click through a game, you can include only the key events. On the other hand, you can also do it with the mouse events such as mouse lef / right / middle button clicks and mouse moves.

Pixel Events is yet another greatest feature which is available only in a very few auto clickers and macro creators. Macro Gamer is one of such wonderful software which makes use of the advanced programming and scripting to detect the pixel events by decoding the on-screen image and colors.

4. Create Loops

Macro Gamer allows you create loops to the macros that you create or import on you pc. You can either configure it to “Play Only Once” or “Repeat” for a fixed number of times. The “Repeat until stopped” option is used for creating the macro loops.

5. Bind Macros To Hotkeys

Hotkeys can be assigned to the macros in order to start and stop them while you play the games. Create macros and bind them to any key of your choice. Now, run the macrogamer on pc, launch the game and press the hotkey that you have assigned.

Download Macro Gamer For PC [Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7]

You can download the latest version for your windows pc from below. Save the file to your pc and check out the instructions shared next to the download button to install it easily.

Note: Go to the official website link shared above and hit “Setup (msi)” button to download it from the source.

How To Install MacroGamer on PC?

It is not a standalone software like the other auto clickers out there. So, you should follow the traditional executable file installation process on your windows pc. Check out the below instructions for reference.

  • Download Macro Gamer from it’s official website ( or simply hit the above download button to go there from this page.
  • Double click on the MacroGamer.exe file on your personal computer.
  • Hit “Install” button now.

install macro gamer on pc

  • Click “Next” button as indicated in the above image.

choose destination folder for macrogamer on windows 10

  • Select the destination folder on your windows pc in order to place the program files data.

hit next again now

  • Now, hit “Next” again now and select the option to create the desktop shortcut on your pc.

macrogamer on pc installed

  • Finally, click on “Close” or “OK” whatever you see on the screen.

You are now done with the installation process. Go back to the home screen of your windows pc and double click the shortcut of the Macro Gamer tool to launch it. Check out the below resources to use it in a much better manner.

Some Useful Resources From Us:


1. Is MacroGamer Safe?

Yes! it is a safe software and there are no threats found when scanned online using kaspersky’s opentip tool. You can also check out the report here.

2. What Is A Macro?

Macro is a sequence of commands such as key strokes, mouse clicks and pixel events and it can be automated completely with a hotkey.

3. What Does It Mean To Macro In A Game?

Macro in a game means a project with various automated scripts with mouse / key / pixel events to get executed in the game while a user is playing.

4. How Do Macros Work On PC?

There are a wide range of macros available in our current technology based generation. In order to create or execute a macro, you need a software interface. Let’s say for example you want to create a macro to insert data into a sheet. For that, you may use Microsoft Excel or a Google Sheets. So, whenever you hit the hotkey assigned to the macro, it will get executed automatically.

5. Can You Get Banned For Using Macros In Fortnite / Roblox?

Even though there is no official confirmation from majority of the games regarding the usage of the macros. A lot of gamers are using macros to play the games and of course! moderate usage of it won’t cause any bans in the fortnite game or roblox or minecraft any other game for that matter.

6. What Is A Mouse Event In MacroGamer?

A mouse event is a script that you create in the macro consists of the mouse moves, mouse clicks, etc. Which includes but not limited to cursor movements, left mouse clicks, right mouse clicks and middle mouse clicks.

7. What Is A Key Event In Macros?

A key event is nothing but an individual key press or a group of key presses in the script that you add in a macro. In fact, you can create a series of key events in a single macro to automate the data entry work completely.

8. What Is A Pixel Event In Maro Gamer?

Pixel events is part of the macro which can read the color changes of the screen and take action according to it. Let’s say for example you have selected the color of the fire in the pixel events and created a macro to press a key to run to a different place. Whenever the macro notices the color of the fire, the pixel event will start performing the key action that you have set for running to a different place.

9. Can I Add Different Delays In Between The Clicks?

Yes! it is possible to add custom time delays between the clicks in a macro. Not only for clicks, you can also add custom delays in between the scripts of mouse moves, key strokes and mouse clicks.

10. What Are The Advantages Of Macros?

You can save a lot of time by automating the daily tasks, especially the repetetive tasks. On the other hand, you can play the games like a pro by gaining the utmost control while palying.